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Where We Are


Volunteer Locations

We are currently working in Nairobi, Kenya. We are looking to expand to other parts of Kenya and Africa.

  1. 1Mt Elgon
  2. 2Nabing'eng'e Friends Secondary School
  3. 3Lukhokhwe Primary School
  4. 4Mukuyuni Primary School
  5. 5Nabing'eng'e Institute
  6. 6Mbakalo Girls School
  7. 7St Vincent High School
  8. 8Kenyatta University Primary School
  9. 9Olkeri Secondary School
Map of KenyaMt ElgonNabing'eng'e Friends Secondary SchoolLukhokhwe Primary SchoolMukuyuni Primary SchoolNabing'eng'e InstituteMbakalo Girls SchoolSt Vincent High SchoolKenyatta University Primary SchoolOlkeri Secondary School
Teenagers forming a circle

Teachers & Schools

A partnership with teachers to create environmental awareness among the learners to enhance individual responsibility in protecting and conserving nature.

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Community Clubs

Equipping your people with conservation roles through formation of environmental clubs and adopting tree-initiative.

Class full of teenagers

Civil Organizations

Collaborating with civil organizations to enhance gender equality in learning institutions and embrace distinction of sanitary towels to girls to keep them in school, and encourage them to choose science courses.